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I forgot the URL (web address) of the site I purchased. Where can I get this?

Use our Billing inquiry page to retrieve information regarding your purchase or call us toll free.

My card number has changed. How do I continue my membership?

You may change the card number being used to bill your membership fee by contacting us with the old number being billed, and the new number you would like to replace it with. We do not advise our customers to send the information via email. We suggest that you contact us by phone for security reasons.

How does the billing work?

One-time purchases are billed immediately to your account. Most purchases are a one-time fee for the length of your membership and will never be re-billed to your account. If you have purchased a subscription to a website, dues are billed each month on a 30-day billing cycle to the account number you submitted upon purchase. Membership dues will continue to bill each month until your subscription or membership has been canceled.

How do I contact the website administrator for the site I've subscribed to?

If you have a question about the site, please contact the webmaster from the "Contact Us" link of this website.

How do I end my membership or cancel my subscription?

You may end or cancel any recurring billing from this website by contacting customer support by phone or by email. Click here to view our contact information. Or, you may cancel the subscription yourself by using the form below:

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